Science Language for Geologic-Map Databases


This site is provided for discussion of issues, problems, approaches, and strategies for building a common science language for digital geologic-map data bases.


Discussions at this site are conducted under the auspices of a Science Language Technical Team commissioned by the North American Data-Model Steering Committee. As identified in its charter, the Steering Committee consists of representatives from the Geological Survey of Canada, the Canadian Provincial surveys, the American State geological surveys, and the U.S. Geological Survey. These constituents are working together to adopt one or more common data models that allow geologic-map information to be stored, exchanged, and retrieved using a common standard. The Science Language Technical Team was organized under its own charter, and is charged with developing common language for describing and interpreting (1) geologic-map units (polygons), geologic lines, and geologic points; (2) the spatial and geologic relations among these features; and (3) their genesis and geologic history.

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Discussions at this site can run the gamut from the mundane to the sublime: