Implementation of the Data Model

Mon Nov 27 21:06:17 2000

A comment by Larry Freeman about

Science language for geologic-map databases

The Geologic Map Data Model is new to me and I am currently mapping out the
data structure. It is part of an effort to create a GIS database system for
the AKDGGS. The Geologic Map data model is a part of the project. The
remainder will include field data system, a bibliographic data system, an
active fault database, a volcano database and so on.

Each of the components will include reference to geographic objects, and will
thus provide objects and information to or derive objects from the Geologic
Map Data Model.

The Geologic Map Data Model could play a central role to our data system.
Before I put a lot of time and energy into putting the data model to work I
would like to hear the experience of other state or provincial surveys that
have implemented or are implementing the data model. What has worked for
your survey? What as not worked?
Is the data model turning your geologic maps into visualizations? Has it been
a nightmare? Is the data model meshing with cartography so that publication
of paper maps is not disrupted?

At present we have a GIS system that works as a cartographic tool, there is
little true analysis actually being done. But since we are a project and
publication oriented agency we need to get the publications out to the
public. We can't have the implementation of  a data model disrupt the flow
of cartographic products or there will be distrust of the data model as a
viable tool.

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