Linkage between data model design and science language

Thu May 25 12:41:50 2000

A comment by Stephen M. Richard about

Science language for geologic-map databases

I thought the science language technical team might be interested in the
connection between the science language and data model design effort.

The Data Model Design Team is using the questions compiled by Jon Matti from
this team as one among several sources for developing a list of 'use cases'
that will determine the scope of the Data model. These use cases will serve
as tests for the completness and sufficiency of existing and proposed data

The Science Language Team in turn will need to define the terms necessary to
populate the data model. For example, the Johnson et. al v.4.3 model has
slots for such things as 'rock name' (which we are already discussing),
'metamorphic facies', 'lith_form' (rock body geometry), 'lithology',
'StratigraphicRank', 'StratigraphicAge', 'StructureMeasurementType',
'FossilName', 'volumeQuality' (quality of volume fraction estimate for modal
analysis), etc., etc. So the science language team will also need to cull
through the evolving data model to discover what sorts or terminology will
be required.


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