BGS scheme has some excellent features

Thu May 25 12:24:24 2000

A comment by Stephen M. Richard about

BGS Rock Classification Scheme

by J. Wright Horton, Jr.

I've studied the basics of the rock classification (igneous, metamorphic,
sedimentary), and I think the basic approach taken is sound. There are some
points I'd quibble--I don't think of >2mm as being a good definition of
'coarse-grained', but at least they are trying for some consistent logic.
What I think we can especially use from the BGS effort is to extract the
various criteria used for classification (grain size, modal mineralogy,
texture, origin) and make sure that the terms necessary to quantify the
criteria are included in our word list. 
I plan to tackle this problem and hope to post some kind of summary for
igneous rocks.


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