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Fri May 19 17:21:51 2000

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Anticipated queries for a geologic map database?

by Jonathan C. Matti

Twenty Questions for SLTT

1) Show me areas of seafloor that are covered with gravel 
2) Show me areas of seafloor that are gravelly AND lie in water depths of
less than 30 m
3) Show me the interface between areas of  rocky seafloor and muddy seafloor
4) Show me the thickness (isopach) of sand on the shoreface
5) Show me the age of surficial materials on the shelf
6) Show me areas of high relief on seafloor (i.e., rugged bathymetry) 
7) Show me areas of Chesapeake Bay that are actively dredged
8) Show me all dredge-spoil disposal sites
9) Show me beaches in North Carolina that are eroding at rates of 1 m/yr or
10) Show me segments of beach that are stable or growing seaward
11) Show me landslides in San Mateo County, California 
12) Show me landslides that directly impact the coastline
13) Show me all landslides that lie on active faults
14) Show me all landslides that are larger than 1 km2 AND have been
historically active
15) Show me urban areas that are built on artificial fill
16) Show me areas that are highly susceptible to earthquake-induced
17) Show me the location of all geotechnical borings
18) Show me the core logs, engineering data, etc for a selected boring(s)
19) Show me the areas in Hawaii at risk from large tsunamis
20) Show me the distribution AND age of known lahar deposits in Washington

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