Anticipated queries for a geologic map database?

Mon May 8 10:49:21 2000

A comment by Jonathan C. Matti about

Science language for geologic-map databases

In order to set the tone for our task and see how each of us views the information content of a geologic map, please come up with 20 data-base queries that you personally would want to launch at a digital geologic-map data base. Use the following syntax:

  1. show me all metasedimentary rocks;
  2. show me Paleozoic and Late Proterozoic metasedimentary rocks intruded by Cretaceous 2-mica monzogranite;
  3. show me all low-angle faults, irrespective of their extensional or contractional origin;
  4. show me all rock units affected by two generations of folding;
  5. show me all slope-failure deposits;
  6. show me all slope-failure deposits of slump-block and earth-flow origin;
  7. show me all surficial deposits with well-developed Bt soil horizons.

I will come through with my 20, but this quick sample represents just a smattering of topics and issues that I would need to retrieve from a typical geologic-map data base in southern California. Good luck, and have fun.

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