Classification standard at the Ontario Geological Survey

Tue Apr 25 13:34:21 2000

A comment by Diane E. Lane about

Science language for geologic-map databases

I offer the following as an example of one agency's attempt
to standardize on rock classifications:

According to the OGS Editorial Guide (Ontario Geological Survey
Miscellaneous Paper), fourth edition,1996, p. 56, the submission standards
for final maps recommend that "The map and legend terminology
agrees with that in 'Volcanic Rock Classification in Precambrian Geology
Reports,' 'Sedimentary Rock Classification in Precambrian
Geology Reports," and recommendations of the IUGS Subcommission on the
Systematics of Igneous Rocks in A. Streckeisen's 'To Each Plutonic
Rock its Proper Names,' from Earth Science Reviews, vol. 12,
p. 1-33, 1976."
I suspect that the first two references are in-house references;
the Streckeisen is well known and often cited by USGS geologists.
I wonder if it would be useful to take a poll of which state
and provincial surveys (as well as the Canadian Geological Survey)
actually have a standard and what it or they might be.  Let us see
 what the variety is.  That would be a clue as to how practicable
it might be to standardize across the discipline.

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