standard terms for lithology

Thu Sep 9 17:24:48 1999

A comment by Andrew H. Rorick about

Science language for geologic-map databases

USDA Forest Service is developing a "corporate" database structure and data
standards for its natural-resource information, including lithology.  We
needed an accepted, published list of rock names so that our field-going
people would be "encouraged" to use the same term for the same rocktype. Our
list comes from "Classification of Rocks" by R.B. Travis (1955 CO School of
Mines Quarterly v. 50, No. 1). BLM and FS mineral examiners have been using
this lith list at least since the mid-80s, so it has a history of acceptance
and use by our geologists. If the wider Geo-community finally settles on a
lith list, ANY lith list, we'll be glad to make the necessary cross-walks to
keep our database up to date.

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