This Web site contains information on activities of the National Geologic Map Database Project (NGMDB). The NGMDB is a collaborative effort primarily involving the USGS and the Association of American State Geologists. This Web site contains informal, generally time-sensitive material intended for project members, cooperators, and interested parties.

How to add records to the Map Catalog

-- Getting Started --

What kind of publications are appropriate?

The Database map catalog is designed to provide users with information about all geologic and related maps that are available, either for purchase or from a library. These maps may be in:

You also may include publications that don't contain a map but do contain descriptions of the geology in specific areas (e.g., a state park) that have a geographic footprint. Finally, you may want to include maps that have been superceded but are of historical significance or are still requested by users (e.g., older versions of state geologic maps). The contribution of bibliographic citations for these various products is at your discretion -- please consider the broad range of maps that you might contribute, and prioritize them to ensure that the most important ones are entered first. Then, when you have the time available, you might consider entering the lower-priority publications.

How do I proceed?

Please read the map catalog introductory manual. Then, you may choose to enter map records in one of two ways:

Information needed to set up your online-entry account, and specifications for acceptable file formats, are available from the main help page. Whichever method you choose (and you may want to use both), the catalog entries should be sent to the project's catalog database managers in the USGS Flagstaff, AZ, offices, who will work with you to ensure that all catalog records are readable and complete (you can contact us at

How will we maintain the catalog?

When each geological survey has entered into the NGMDB map catalog all relevant maps, we, as a community, need to ensure that the catalog is kept current, by entering into the catalog all new published maps. This will require periodic attention from each agency, and we ask that you keep the map catalog in mind, as new maps are published by your agency or by other entities in your state. Also, when a map publication is given a Web presence (could be an image of the map or a collection of map data files, etc.), or the URL of that map is changed, we ask that you notify us through a data entry form that we are designing, so that we can update the map's record in the catalog. An example record of a map publication that has an online version can be seen at


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