This Web page contains information on activities of the National Geologic Map Database Project (NGMDB), and is intended solely for State geological survey and other personnel who have permission to submit records to the Database.

How to add records to the Map Catalog

-- Standard Accepted Formats --

To ensure that we can efficiently process the information you submit, we can only accept it via:

  • the online Data Entry Form, or
  • a formatted file

The online Data Entry Form is a Web form which allows you to enter a single map record, or to modify an existing one. The form looks like this. To use this form, please send a message to -- we will respond with a username and password, and then you can access the form, at When you submit a map record through the form, it will be processed by us and a copy of the record will be returned to you for error-checking. Following your approval, the record will be loaded into the catalog.

If you have a large number of records to submit, it may be more efficient for you to compile them into a single file. We can accept the file ONLY if it is structured according to our specs. We provide a template for you to use, in TEXT format and in Excel format.

Note: As a reminder, several fields (Publisher, State, Type, Ordering) have fixed-acronym entries. Also, the lat/long must include the N and W designations, and the longitude must have a 0 placeholder at the beginning if the value is less than 100 (these rules are the same as for on-line entry). Last but not least, thanks to Merrianne Hackathorn (Ohio GS) for supplying us with the template and her suggestions to other map indexers.

After you submit the file, we will process it, and return to you any records that contain missing fields or obvious errors (e.g., map coordinates that are far removed from their expected location). When these errors have been corrected, the records will be loaded into the catalog.

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