North American Data Model Steering Committee

Eleventh meeting, November 4, 2003, Seattle, Washington


Participating guests:


  1. Data Model Design Team:

    The Team has just released to the Committee a version 1.0 of the conceptual model; formerly referred to as “NORTON”, it is now named “NADM Conceptual Model 1.0” or “NADM C1”. This document will be prepared for simultaneous release as a GSC and USGS Open-file Report (OFR). Following a 1-week period for Committee comment (starting next week), NADM C1 will be informally released on the NADMSC Web site, so that it will be available for the international meeting on data model collaboration, later this month in Edinburgh. The informal Web release will note that it is a provisional release, and will give the recommended citation, similar to that to be found on the OFR. Boyan and Dave will work out the details of simultaneous OFR publication.

    Regarding the Edinburgh meeting, there will be at least 22 attendees from 15 countries. Possible results could include decisions to collaborate on design of: a conceptual model (perhaps in part similar to NADM C1); an interchange format; a physical implementation; or standard vocabularies.

    The DMDT suggests that one or more reference physical implementations should be built, to test C1. Steve was asked to consider forming a Physical Implementation Technical Team. After the meeting, Steve sent out a call for interested participants, and then considered how to proceed. His conclusion was that since physical implementations are project driven, and usually on a much tighter time line than is reasonable for a committee process, the Committee should approach the reference implementation issue by learning about these implementations, and perhaps posting examples for discussion at the Committee Web site.

  2. Science Language Technical Team:

    This process must be brought to conclusion, soon. Some progress is being made on completing the surficial aspect of the sedimentary group report (e.g., a good meeting yesterday of interested parties including new participants from the GSC). Jon continues to work with subgroup leaders to get their reports finalized. The suggested citation has been modified, to, for example, something like: “North American Geologic Map Data Model Steering Committee, 2004, Sedimentary materials: Terminology for their classification, description, and interpretation in geologic map databases, in North American Geologic Map Data Model Science Language: U.S. Geological Survey Open-file Report 04-XXX, . This citation will be placed at the bottom of the title page, near the reference to the identical document published by the GSC. The report will include a “Chapter A” that will address the SLTT process and, among other topics, why the subgroup report’s chapters vary significantly in detail and scope. Boyan and Dave will work out the details of publishing identical GSC and USGS OFRs.

  3. Data Interchange Technical Team:

    The data model’s relative stability has allowed Bruce and Eric to begin work on a XML schema for encoding geologic map information. This schema is essentially the set of rules that a translator must adhere to in order to permit data exchange from, for example, one agency’s database to that of another’s. The draft schema now includes C1 and they are working on the relationships between concepts in the model. Bruce will send to the Committee the XML code, for our perusal. This schema will be discussed at the Edinburgh meeting.