Data Interchange Technical Team

The Data Interchange Technical Team (DITT) of NADM was established in 1999 by the North American Geologic Map Data Model Steering Committee (NADMSC).

The DITT is charged with developing standardized formats and mechanisms for exchanging digital geologic map databases, to facilitate exchange of digital geologic map content between various implementations of the North American geologic map data model.

DITT Charter

The DITT has determined that the most appropriate exchange mechanism currently available is in the form of XML documents. We have also determined that GML compatibility is highly desirable. With this in mind, the DITT, in close collaboration with the Design Team (DMDT), has developed a GML-compatible version of the NADM-C1 Conceptual Model in UML. From the UML model, we are currently developing XML Schema documents which can be used to validate candidate XML documents. Thus, the XML Schema will define the format of conforming XML Interchange documents. The NADM Interchange Standard will consist of the XML Schema along with sample conforming XML documents.

Development work on the NADM Interchange Standard is being conducted in the TWiki collaborative environment. To read about our work, download our interim products, or take part in the discussions and development, please visit the: