GMNA Resources

A collection of geospatial files, map images, publication documentation, and informational resources in support of the Geologic Map of North America.


Map Images

Downloadable high-resolution georeferenced images of the The Geologic Society of America's printed GMNA map for viewing or using in a GIS (includes geologic unit explanation sheets).

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GMNA North – ZIP (50 MB) | JPEG (27 MB)

GMNA Legend – PDF (32 MB) | JPEG (5 MB)

GMNA South – ZIP (50 MB) | JPEG (27 MB)


Information about how the map and database were prepared, the history of the source map, database contents, and the sources used to compile them.

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Map Manuscript – PDF (1 MB)  

Map References – PDF (1 MB)  

Database Design – PDF (1 MB)

Geospatial Files

The GMNA was converted to a GIS database and published as USGS DS-424 in 2009. A variety of GIS-ready products are available for download.

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Shapefiles – ZIP (120 MB)   

Metadata – XML (320 KB)   

Geodatabase – ZIP (72 MB)

Google Earth – North (56 MB) | South (56 MB)


The NGMDB provides standardized, spatial geoscience information for the Nation.

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