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Geologic Unit: Pottsville


Pottsville Group (NY,OH*,PA*,WV)
Pottsville Formation (AL*,MD*,OH*,PA*,WV*)


GROUP STATUS (alphabetical): Bedford coal (informal) (OH), Connoquenessing Formation (NY,WV,PA*), Curwensville Formation (PA), Elliott Park Formation (PA), Gurnee Formation (PA), Hance Formation (PA), Homewood Formation or Homewood Sandstone (PA*,WV), Mercer Formation (PA), New River Formation (WV,PA*), Olean Conglomerate or Olean Formation (NY, PA*), Pocahontas Formation (WV), Schuylkill Formation (PA), Sharon Formation or Sharon Sandstone (NY,WV,PA*), Sharp Mountain Formation (PA), Tumbling Run Formation (PA).
FORMATION STATUS (alphabetical): Alton Coal Member (PA), Anthony Shale Member (OH), Bear Run Member (OH), Bedford Clay Bed (OH), Boggs Member (OH), Boyles Sandstone Member (AL*), Bremen Sandstone Member (AL*), Brookville Clay Member (OH), Camp Branch Sandstone Member (AL*), Campbell Ledge Shale Member (PA*), Chestnut Sandstone Member (AL*), Connoquenessing Sandstone Member (MD*,OH*,PA*), [?]Dundee Sandstone Member (OH), Flint Ridge Clay Bed or Flint Ridge Shale Member (OH), Harrison Member (OH), Homewood Sandstone Member (MD*,OH*,PA*,WV*), Huckleberry Clay Bed (OH), Kanawha Member (WV), Lick Creek Sandstone Member (AL*), Lowellville Limestone Member (OH), Lower Mercer Limestone Member (MD,OH,PA), Massillon Sandstone Member (OH), Mercer Member (OH*,PA*,MD*), Middle Mercer Shale Member (OH), Mount Savage Clay Bed (MD,PA), Olean Conglomerate Member or Olean Sandstone Member (NY*,PA*), Pine Sandstone Member (AL*), Poverty Run Member (OH), Razburg Sandstone Member (AL*), Rocky Ridge Sandstone Member (AL*), Schuylkill Member (PA*), Sciotoville Clay Member (OH), Shades Sandstone Member (AL*), Sharon Coal Bed (PA), Sharon Member (MD*,OH*,PA*), Sharp Mountain Member (PA*), Straight Ridge Sandstone Member (AL*), Straven Conglomerate Member (AL*), Tionesta Clay Bed (OH), Tumbling Run Member (PA*), Upper Mercer Limestone Member or Upper Mercer Bed (OH,PA), Vandusen Shale Member (OH), Wolf Ridge Sandstone Member (AL*).

Geologic age:

Early to Middle Pennsylvanian (Bashkirian to Moscovian; Namurian to Westphalian; Morrowan to Atokan)*

Type section, locality, area and/or origin of name:

Type section: south of Pottsville along Pennsylvania RR cut on east side of water gap through Sharp Mountain, Schuylkill Co., PA.
Reference section: 150 ft east of type section, along east side of roadcut for U.S. Highway 122 (Wood and others, 1956).

AAPG geologic province:

Appalachian basin*

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