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Geologic Unit: Peters Valley


Peters Valley Member of Coeymans Formation of Helderberg Group (NJ*,NY*,PA*)

Geologic age:

Early Devonian*

Type section, locality, area and/or origin of name:

Type section: in roadcut on northwest side of county road that extends along southwest side of Wallpack Ridge, 1.5 mi northwest of Flatbrookville and 0.1 mi southwest of V-shaped bend in road, in northwest quarter of Flatbrookville quadrangle [approx. Lat. 41 deg. 06.7 min. N., Long. 74 deg. 56.86 min. W., Sussex Co., NJ (A.G. Harris, written commun., ca. 1995)]. Named from village of Peters Valley, NJ, 1.4 mi northeast of Wallpack Center (Epstein and others, 1967).
Reference sections: (1) in cut along northwest side of road, 0.6 mi southwest of Shawnee on Delaware, in southwest corner of Bushkill 7.5-min quadrangle [approx. Lat. 41 deg. 0.5 min. N., Long. 75 deg. 6.92 min. W., Monroe Co., PA (A.G. Harris, written commun., ca. 1995)] =type section of Shawnee Island and Depue Limestone Members of Coeymans Formation; (2) in woods on northeast side of secondary road along ascent of Wallpack Ridge, immediately southwest of where Delaware River cuts through ridge, in northwest quarter of Flatbrookville quadrangle, Monroe Co., PA (Epstein and others, 1967).

AAPG geologic province:

Appalachian basin*

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