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Geologic Unit: Mancos


Mancos Shale (AZ*,CO*,NM*,UT*,WY*)
Mancos Group (CO*,UT*)


GROUP STATUS (alphabetical): Buck Tongue (CO*), Frontier Formation (CO*,UT*), Mowry Shale (CO*,UT*)

FORMATION STATUS (alphabetical): Anchor Mine Tongue (CO*,UT*), Aspen Member (UT,WY), /Black Butte Tongue (WY), Blue Gate Member (UT*), Bridge Creek Limestone Member (CO*,NM*), Buck Tongue (CO*,UT*), Bull Point Sandstone Member (UT), Carlile Member (NM*), Clay Mesa Tongue (NM*), Cooper Arroyo Sandstone Member (NM*), D-Cross Tongue (NM*), Devils Grave Sandstone [Member] (CO), El Vado Sandstone Member (NM*), Emery Sandstone Member (UT*), Ferron Sandstone Member (CO*,UT*), Fort Hays Limestone Member (CO*), Fort Hays Limestone Member (CO*), Garley Canyon Sandstone Member (UT*), Graneros Member (CO,NM*), Greenhorn Limestone Member (NM*), Hartland Shale Beds (NM), /Hopi Sandy Member (AZ), Hunt Creek Sandstone [Member] (CO), Juana Lopez Member (CO*,NM*), Loyd Sandstone Member (CO*), Masuk Member (UT*) or Masuk Tongue (UT), Meeker Sandstone Member (CO*), Morapos Sandstone Member (CO*), Mowry Member (UT*), Mulatto Tongue (NM*), Muley Canyon Sandstone Member (UT), Niobrara Member (CO*,NM*), Pescado Tongue (AZ*,NM*), Rangely Tongue (CO,UT), Rio Salado Tongue (NM*), Sanastee Sandstone Member (NM), Satan Tongue (NM*), Semilla Sandstone Member (NM*), Tocito Sandstone Lentil (CO,NM*), Tokay Tongue (NM*), Tununk Member (UT*), Whitewater Arroyo Tongue (NM*), Wildcat Canyon Sandstone Member (UT), Wind Rock Tongue (AZ).

Geologic age:

Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian to Campanian)*; locally late Early Cretaceous (Albian)*

Type section, locality, area and/or origin of name:

Named from characteristic occurrence in Mancos Valley and about town of Mancos, btw. La Plata Mountains and the Mesa Verde, Montezuma Co., western CO (Cross, 1899).
Type section (subsurface) for "Mancos B" subsurface unit within Mancos shale: depth-interval 2,349 to 2,830 ft, General Petroleum Douglas Creek No. 1 well, in sec. 24, T. 2 S., R. 103 W., Rio Blanco Co., CO (Kellogg, 1977).

AAPG geologic province:

Basin-and-Range province*
Black Mesa basin*
Estancia basin*
Green River basin*
Orogrande basin*
Paradox basin*
Piceance basin*
Plateau sedimentary province*
San Juan basin*
San Juan Mountains province*
Uinta basin*

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