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Geologic Unit: Lava Creek


Lava Creek Tuff of Yellowstone Group (ID*,MT*,WY*)
Lava Creek A ash (informal) (WY*)
Lava Creek B ash (informal) (CA*,CO*,ID*,IA*,KS*,MT*,NE*,NV*,NM*,OK*,SD*,TX*,UT*,WY*,Canada)
Lava Creek A ash is downwind equivalent of member A of Lava Creek Tuff.
Lava Creek B ash is downwind equivalent of member B of Lava Creek Tuff (previously called Pearlette type O ash bed).

For informal usage, the rank or lithologic term should not be capitalized.

Geologic age:

Quaternary (Pleistocene)*

Type section, locality, area and/or origin of name:

Type area: Upper Canyon of Lava Creek, and its tributary, Arrow Canyon, in Yellowstone National Park, Park Co., WY. Named from Lava Creek (Christiansen and Blank, 1972).
Principal reference sections: (1) lower informal member in south-facing cliff of Purple Mountain, above old gravel pit, about 1 km east of Madison Junction; (2) upper informal member in east wall of Sheepeater Canyon, Garder River, 1 km northeast of Osprey Falls (Christiansen and Blank, 1972).

AAPG geologic province:

Anadarko basin*
Basin-and-Range province*
Bighorn basin*
Central Kansas uplift*
Central Western Overthrust*
Chadron arch*
Denver basin*
Eagle basin*
Estancia basin*
Great Basin province*
Green River basin*
Gulf Coast basin*
Iowa shelf*
Las Vegas-Raton basin*
Los Angeles basin*
Mojave basin*
Orogrande basin*
Palo Duro basin*
Paradox basin*
Pedregosa basin*
Permian basin*
Piceance basin*
Plateau sedimentary province*
Powder River basin*
Salina basin*
San Juan basin*
San Juan Mountains province*
Sedgwick basin*
Sierra Grande uplift*
Sioux uplift*
Snake River basin*
South Western Overthrust*
Ventura basin*
Wasatch uplift*
Williston basin*
Wind River basin*
Yellowstone province*

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"No current usage" (†) implies that a name has been abandoned or has fallen into disuse. Former usage and, if known, replacement name given in parentheses ( ).

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