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Geologic Unit: Brannon Bridge


Brannon Bridge Limestone Member of Grindstone Creek Formation of Strawn Group (TX)
Brannon Bridge Limestone Member of Millsap Lake Formation (TX)
Brannon Bridge Limestone Member of Lazy Bend Formation (TX)
[?] Brannon Bridge Limestone of Strawn Group (TX)

Geologic age:

Middle Pennsylvanian

Type section, locality, area and/or origin of name:

Notable exposures in vicinity of Brannon Bridge on the Brazos [River], about 6 mi south-southwest of Millsap, Parker Co., central TX (Plummer and Hornberger, 1936).
Type section: succession of beds exposed in Steussy Scarp, a prominent feature northwest of Rocky Creek west of Brazos River. Named from former highway bridge on Brazos River at a point 0.75 mi south of present Highway 80 bridge, Parker Co., [TX]. Outcrop of member extends south of U.S. Highway 80 along west side of meander of Brazos River forming Meek Bend; on west side of Brazos River outcrops are in bluffs along west and south sides of Meek Bend; southeast edge of outcrop forms Steussy Scarp which begins near river and extends southwestward across county line (Hendricks, 1957).

AAPG geologic province:

Fort Worth syncline

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