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Geologic Unit: Navajo

Navajo Sandstone of Glen Canyon Group (AZ*,CO*,NM*,UT*)
Navajo Sandstone (NV)

Jurassic, Early
Pliensbachian, late

Geologic Province:
Black Mesa basin*
Great Basin province*
Paradox basin*
Piceance basin*
Plateau sedimentary province*
San Juan basin*
Uinta basin*
Uinta uplift*
Areal Extent:

Type Locality:
Not designated. Named from the "Navajo Country" of AZ, UT, and NM (Gregory, 1917).

(alphabetical): Lamb Point Tongue (UT*), Shurtz Tongue (UT*).

Unit Name History:
Name proposed for the uppermost formation of the La Plata Group (Gregory and Stone, 1917).
Overview; Areal limits (Gilluly and Reeside, 1928).
Areal limits; Revised (Gregory and Moore, 1931).
Revised, assigned as upper formation of Glen Canyon Group (Baker, 1936).
Overview; Revised (Thomas and Krueger, 1946).
Revised, Lamb Point Tongue (Cedar City area) and Shurtz Sandstone Tongue (Kanab area) named (Averitt and others, 1955).
Overview (Harshbarger and others, 1957).
Age modified (Lewis and others, 1961).
Overview (Averitt, 1962).
Revised (Phoenix, 1963).
Not used in northwest CO and northeast UT, preferring Glen Canyon Sandstone (Poole and Stewart, 1964).
Overview; Areal limits (Cater and Craig, 1970).
Revised (Thompson and Stokes, 1970).
Areal limits; Revised (Moore, 1972).
Overview (Peterson and Pipiringos, 1979).
Age modified (Padian, 1989).
[See Chinle Formation comments on correlation with sandstones in northern UT, western CO (Dubiel and others, 1991).]

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