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Geologic Unit: West Halifax

Ratcliffe, N.M., and Armstrong, T.R., 1999, Bedrock geologic 
   map of the West Dover and Jacksonville quadrangles, Windham 
   County, Vermont: U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous 
   Investigations Series Map, I-2552, 30 p., 2 sheets, scale 
   1:24,000 [Available online from the USGS PubsWarehouse:]
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West Halifax Trondhjemite*

Modifications: Geologic Province: Dominant Lithology:
 New England province

Named the West Halifax Trondhjemite of the North River Igneous Suite for village of West Halifax, Windham Co., southeastern VT. Consists of cream-weathered, light- to dark-gray, coarse-grained, equigranular, massive, ilmenite-chlorite-epidote-muscovite-quartz-plagioclase trondhjemite with hypidiomorphic texture. Unit is intrusive into all other North River Igneous Suite rocks and the Cram Hill Formation. The West Halifax is of Ordovician and Silurian(?) age, and is younger than the Cram Hill Formation and older than the Northfield Formation.
Source: GNU records (USGS DDS-6; Reston GNULEX).