NADM 15th meeting

June 14, 2006

Columbus, OH



Tom Berg

Boyan Brodaric

Peter Davenport

Bruce Johnson

Scott McColloch

Steve Richard

Dave Soller

Loudon Stanford

Jerry Weisenfluh


Participating guests:

Eric Boisvert

Jim McDonald

Andy Rorick





1.  DITT report:

Recently, the Data interchange Technical Team produced the draft of its final report.  Dave will resend the document to Steering Committee members, who are asked to provide comment within two weeks (by Friday, June 30); if comment is not provided by a Committee member, their approval of the document will be assumed.  Comments will be incorporated into a revised version of the final report.  The report then will be prepared for review and publication as a GSC and a USGS Open-file Report; Boyan and Dave will shepherd the report through their agencyÕs review process.  Potential reviewers for the Open-file Report are: David Percy (PSU) and Simon Cox (CSIRO); if Simon is unavailable, we will ask John Laxton or Tim Duffy (BGS).

The Committee wishes to thank the DITT members (Bruce and Eric) for their fine work, and a successful conclusion to their TeamÕs charge.  The DITT encoding of the NADM-C1 model has been incorporated into GeoSciML, and any further contributions by North American scientists are expected through the CGI working group that is developing GeoSciML (the IUGSÕs CGI Data Model Collaboration Working Group;  Therefore, we do not anticipate a need for the DITT to continue.

Bruce will send to Dave a summary of work and any pertinent links, which will be posted to the DITT and NADMSC home pages.


2.  DMDT report:

The Data Model Design Team met this morning, and concluded that their charge had been completed.  Version 1 of the NADM conceptual model is being evaluated and implemented, and the Team decided that it should disband.  The Committee wishes to thank the DMDT members for their work, and a successful conclusion to their TeamÕs charge.  The NADM-C1 model has been widely reviewed and accepted, and the TeamÕs members should be proud of their accomplishment.

Regarding future work on the model, if we determine that version 1 should be revised, and if for some reason the revision is not undertaken by the CGI Data Model Collaboration Working Group, the DMDT would be revived with a new charge and membership.

Boyan will send to Dave a summary of work and any pertinent links, which will be posted to the DMDT and NADMSC home pages.  As time permits, a listing of links to example applications of NADM-C1 will be compiled and posted to the NADMSC website.


3.  What is the NADMSCÕs future?

Although no new work is planned, the Committee will remain intact and will continue to serve as a venue for coordination and communication.  The Committee will meet once each year, during the Digital Mapping Techniques workshop.  A summary report of NADM activities, accomplishments, and plans will be prepared and published in the DMTÕ06 Proceedings.  Dave will write the first draft this summer or early fall, and Boyan will provide edits before sending it to the Committee for comment.


4.  Software tool design:

Technical issues regarding the development of software tools for data entry and processing were discussed, including the suggestion that it might be best if tools were written directly against GeoSciML-encoded data.  This strategy would eliminate the need for tools that would function with various database structures, or for many similar tools, each customized to a particular database.  Strategies for funding such work also were debated.  It was decided that NADMSC was not currently the appropriate venue for guiding this activity.  At the project level, the national geologic map database projects of Canada and the U.S. will collaborate.


5.  Change in membership:

It was agreed that Jim McDonald (Ohio Geological Survey) will replace Tom Berg as a member of this Committee.  Tom will be retiring this year Š the Committee acknowledges his contributions, thanks him for his service, and wishes him some well-earned relaxation and free time!


6.  Next meeting:

Spring, 2007, during the DMTÕ07 meeting.