NADM Data Model Design Team (DMDT) Meeting

Hyatt Regency, Far East Room, Denver, CO

Wed. Nov. 10, 2004, 1:00 5:30 PM

DMDT Attendees

.Boisvert (GSC), B.Brodaric (GSC), B.Johnson (USGS), J.McDonald (Ohio GS), S.Richard (Arizona GS), J. Weisenfluh (Kentucky GS).

Guests: P.Davenport (GSC), A.Bolduc (GSC)

(1)   Confirmed Agenda


Old Business

( = complete) Progress Report on previous action items

- Issues posted to Discussion Forum (Twiki site)

- NADM-C1.0 GSC-USGS Open File Report amendments

- NADM-C1.0 GSC-USGS Open File Report release




- WFS testbed for C1 by GSC


New Business


- DMDT web site


- Response to USGS review of C1


- C1 implementation at GSC


- related activities update: CGI (Perth), structure ontology (Moscow, ID)


- next steps

(2)   Old Business

        Progress Report: on action items from last meeting:

-         See table above.

(3)   New Business

        DMDT web site: finalized by the group and will be submitted to NADMSC.

        Response to USGS review of C1: Boyan will coordinate response.

        GSC C1 implementation: Eric Boisvert showed an Oracle schema for C1.

        Related activities: update:

-         CGI meeting (Perth): 4 delegates from DMDT attending.

-         Structure ontology meeting (Moscow, ID): verbal reported provided.

        Next Steps: continue to identify and consider issues in C1, and post to Twiki.

(4)   Action Items



Completion Date


Submit web site to NADMSC

Nov 11, 2004


Coordinate response to USGS C1 review

Jan 2005


Communicate response to reviewer

Jan 2005


Post review and responses

Jan 2005


Post structure ontology notes to Twiki

Jan 2005

S.Richard, P.Davenport, DITT

Identify existing or developing vocabularies that could apply to C1, and post to Twiki.

April 2005

P.Davenport, .Boisvert

coordinate WFS testbed for C1.0 at GSC

March 31, 2005