FGDC Geologic Data Subcommittee
Minutes of 4/4/97 meeting

Attendees: Jerry Bernard (NRCS), Lindsay McClelland (NPS), Jan Morton (Chair, USGS), Ron Smith (BLM), and Dave Soller (Executive Secretary, USGS).

Action items from the last meeting were discussed. These items were:

  • two standards proposals to the FGDC Standards Working Group will be prepared and circulated to the Subcommittee for comment; these concern a cartographic standard for geologic maps and a geologic data model.
  • the FY97 Subcommittee work plan will be written, approved, and submitted to the FGDC.
  • a Web site for the Subcommittee will be developed.
  • a Subcommittee charter will be written and proposed to the FGDC.

All action items were completed.

Standards proposals to the FGDC: Proposals for the cartographic standard for geologic maps and for the geologic data model were discussed. No dissenting comments from the Subcommittee have been received. It was decided to wait two weeks to allow for additional time to comment, before submitting these proposals to the FGDC Standards Working Group.

Communication: Numerous requests and notices are issued by the FGDC, many of which might be of interest to Subcommittee members (for example, notification that a draft standard is offered for public comment). It was decided that Morton and Soller will forward appropriate notices to the Subcommittee. For additional information, Subcommittee members should consult their Web site ("http://ngmdb.usgs.gov/fgdc_gds"), the FGDC home page ("http://www.fgdc.gov"), and the Standards Working Group home page ("http://www.fgdc.gov/SWG/swg.html").

The next meeting will be July 14, 1:15pm, at the Interior headquarters building.