FGDC Geologic Data Subcommittee
Minutes of 1/6/97 meeting

Attendees: Laurel Gorman (USACE), Allen Hittelman (NOAA), Tom King (USFS), Lindsay McClelland (NPS), Jan Morton (Chair, USGS), Denise Perreca (FGDC Standards Working Group), Ron Smith (BLM), Dave Soller (Executive Secretary, USGS), and David Zinzer (MMS). Gorman and Hittelman participated via teleconference.

Introductions: The Subcommittee's new Chair, Jan Morton, was introduced. Dave Soller will remain as Executive Secretary.

Discussion of the National Geologic Map Database: The role of the Database in coordinating the development of geologic map standards among the USGS and the state geological surveys was discussed by Dave Soller, who is chief of the Database project. USGS/AASG standards working groups, formed in 8/96, were described. These working groups are designed to address various standards or guidelines needed by participants in the Database; the activities of some of those groups will also be of interest to this Subcommittee, and could produce draft standards for our consideration. The working groups are addressing metadata content and format guidelines for geologic information, spatial accuracy, digital map publication guidelines, and a geologic data model. A handout containing information and URLs for the project was provided. The URLs are: "http://ngmdb.usgs.gov/Info/" (general information on the project and the working groups) and "http://ngmdb.usgs.gov/" (the Database site). The Database is also developing a Paleontologic Database and revised Lexicon of Geologic Names; the chief of that effort (Bruce Wardlaw, USGS) has had discussions with McClelland and King on the content and intent of these products, and it was emphasized that these constructive discussions should continue so that the needs of land managers is addressed.

Cartographic standards: A technical review of USGS OFR 95-525 ("Cartographic and digital standard for geologic map information") has been completed. Geologists and cartographers from the USGS, 20 state geological surveys, and the FGDC provided comments. That document will not be revised for FGDC review. However, the collection of symbols, colors, and patterns will be revised and submitted for consideration as a FGDC draft cartographic standard for geologic maps. The Subcommittee awaits submission of this document. Selected comments and the plan for developing a cartographic standard are contained in the review, published as USGS OFR96-725. This document was distributed at the meeting and is also available at "http://ngmdb.usgs.gov/Info/standards/carto/OFR95-525review.html" .

Standards proposals to the FGDC Standards Working Group: Proposals will be written within one month and submitted to the FGDC for a cartographic standard standard and for a standard geologic data model. Drafts will be circulated to the Subcommittee for comments.

USACE feature registry proposal: Denise Perreca discussed the USACE proposal, under consideration by the FGDC coordination group, to develop a comprehensive database containing feature/attribute definitions for all themes considered by the various FGDC thematic subcommittees. USACE would assist the Subcommittee in generating this information. The content of the USACE registry, and means for generating a geology contribution to it were discussed. Tom King described the USFS Common Survey Data Structure, under which has been produced something similar to the feature registry. That project has taken a significant amount of time and money. Can this Subcommittee make a meaningful contribution to the registry with our limited resources? That issue likely will be addressed at future meetings.

FY97 Work Plan: The work plan is due in January. Morton and Soller will develop a draft and circulate it to the Subcommittee.


  • A Subcommittee Web site will be developed by Soller. It will contain the charter, membership list, work plan, standards proposals and draft standards (when developed), and links (e.g., to the FGDC Standards WG).
  • The Subcommittee charter will be revised by Morton and Soller and circulated for comment in January.
  • The next meeting will be Monday, April 7, 1-4 pm, in the DOI headquarters building. A meeting room will be announced later.