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June 2-5, 2013, Golden, Colorado


[All Proceedings volumes, and selected presentations from other DMT meetings, are available at the DMT Website.]
[NOTE: oral and poster presentations and Discussion Sessions are listed generally in order of presentation. Many include downloadable presentation slides, posters, and related Web sites. Downloadable files exceeding 10 MB are noted.]

Building the "National Archive" of geologic maps -- a progress report on the National Geologic Map Database (NGMDB)
By National Geologic Map Database project (Dave Soller, U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Website; Email ]
US Topo -- Updates and Direction
By Kristin Fishburn (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Website; Email ]
Development of the Kentucky Mobile Geologic Map Application
By Doug Curl (Kentucky Geological Survey)     [ Slides (17 MB); Website; Email ]
Mobile GIS for Geoscience Fieldwork- Current and Coming Options on the Esri Platform
By Willy Lynch, Jeff Shaner, and David Cardella (Esri)     [ Slides; Email ]
USGS The National Map on the Go
By Brian Fox (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Slides (19 MB); Website; Email ]
Delaware Topographic Maps -- Past, Present, and Future
By Lillian Wang (Delaware Geological Survey)     [ Slides; Email ]
Preview of ArcGIS for Landscape
By Charlie Frye and Larry Batten (ESRI)     [ Slides (22 MB); Poster; Website; Email ]
Scanning and Digital Cleanup of Out-of-print Maps
By John Dunham (Kansas Geological Survey)     [ Slides (14 MB); Email ]
Discussion Session -- Mobile apps for fieldwork and for presenting geoscience information to the public
Technology has always challenged scientists and cartographers to modify, or radically change, their methods of conducting and publishing scientific work. This was true in the 19th century, as new methods and instruments were developed to support the first generation of geoscientists. We face a similar challenge today, as the rapid pace of applications development for hand-held devices offers us a wide array of tools for fieldwork and for presenting geoscience information to the public. Which apps are you using? What are the pros and cons of apps you've tried? Which are stable and therefore more likely to become widely used? What kinds of apps would you like, but can't find? This Session focused on these questions, without attempting to evaluate each system or conclude which is suitable for various purposes. The sites shown during the Session, and short presentations given, were:
Discussion Session -- Interactive Web maps
Many state surveys, and groups within USGS, are developing or maintaining interactive Websites for geologic maps and other geoscience information. In this Session, the following site were shown:
Semi-Automated Base Map Creation
By Matthew R. Johnson (Indiana Geological Survey)     [ Slides (9 MB); Example maps -- (a) Deliverable: Georgia quad , Huron quad , (b) Deliverable proof: New Bellsville quad (11 MB), (c) Published map Nappanee West quad ; Email ]
Automating Tasks for Map Production and Data Dissemination
By Vic Dohar (Natural Resources Canada)     [ Slides (26 MB); Email ]
Streamlining geologic map production and archiving with NCGMP Tools
By AZGS Mapping and GIS Team, presented by Janel Day (Arizona Geological Survey)     [ Slides; Email ]
GMF Data Workflow from Field to Maps: A Normalized Project, BedrockGDB
By Etienne Girard, Pierre Brouillette, and Gabriel Huot-Vezina (Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada)    
[ Slides; Email ]
An end-user's perspective on geologic data consumption
By Kurt Zeiler (Brown and Caldwell)     [ Slides; Email ]
CAE Sirovision-A safe and accurate way to do 3D rockface mapping.
By Shane Behanish (CAE Mining)     [ Slides (14 MB); Website; Email ]
Creating FGDC Compliant Cartographic Representations
By Patricia Gallagher (Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys)     [ Slides; Poster (23 MB); Email ]
Discussion Session -- FGDC Standard for geologic map symbolization
This short session reviewed a plan to create an ESRI style implementation of the Standard, based on a style file created by the Geological Survey of Canada. As this plan progresses, notes will be posted here.
Update on the Alaska state geologic map compilation -- towards completion but not closure
By Frederic Wilson, Chad Hults, and Keith Labay (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Slides (PDF), (Powerpoint, with Notes) (12 MB); Email ]
Conversion Tools for Idaho Geologic Map Data: AutoCAD to NCGMP09 Geodatabase
By Loudon R. Stanford (Idaho Geological Survey) and Bill Richards (CADMappr)     [ Slides; Email ]
USMIN -- a U.S. Geological Survey Project to Develop a National Mineral Resource Database
By Greg Fernette, Carma San Juan, Zackary King and others (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Working with Compiled Map Databases
By Mark Zellman (Fugro William Lettis & Associates)     [ Slides; Website; Email ]
Discussion Session -- Progress on implementing the NCGMP09 database design
This Session focused on work in State geological surveys, USGS, and other agencies to evaluate, implement, and recommend improvements to the NCGMP09 database design. A progress report is now available.
State-Wide Stereo Model Coverage for Utah
By Kent Brown (Utah Geological Survey)     [ Slides (43 MB); Email ]
Improving delivery of map images to the public -- Challenges and lessons learned in the redesign of our 17-year-old system
By National Geologic Map Database project (Dave Soller, U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Website; Email ]
Missoula Floods--Inundation Extent and Primary Flood Features in the Portland Metropolitan Area
By William J. Burns and Daniel E. Coe (Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries)     [ Poster; Website; Email ]
Web-Based GIS Applications for Visualizing Geologic Data in Kentucky
By Doug Curl (Kentucky Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Integrating GeoSciML with OneGeology
By AZGS Mapping and GIS Team, presented by Janel Day (Arizona Geological Survey)     [ Poster; Email ]
FGDC/GSC Geologic Map Style File
By Dave Everett (Natural Resources Canada)     [ Email ]
GSC Geologic Symbol Standard Style File
By Dave Everett (Natural Resources Canada)     [ Email ]
topoView -- A window into the USGS's Historical Topographic Map Collection
By Chris Garrity, Dave Soller, Rob Wardwell, Nancy Stamm, and Greg Allord (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Website; Email ]
3D Sand Modeling for Characterizing Aquifer and Aggregate Resources
By Jacqueline D. Hamilton, R.S. Lively, Robert G. Tipping, and Alan R. Knaeble (Minnesota Geological Survey)     [ Poster; Email ]
Building the U.S. Mineral Resource Database - One Mine Feature at a Time
By Zachary King, Susan Flack, Marci Scofield, Kathleen Tureck, Evan Roberts, Stephen Miles, Rajesh Rajchal, Ken Lambert, Greg Fernette, Carma San Juan, Paul Denning, and Greg Lee (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Poster (23 MB); Email ]
Geology of the Hood River Valley
By Jason D. McClaughry, Thomas J. Wiley (Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries), Richard M. Conrey (Washington State University), Cullen B. Jones (Portland State University), and Kenneth E. Lite, Jr. (Oregon Water Resources Department)     [ Poster; Website; Email ]
Publishing Concepts to Derive Multiple Digital Data Formats using ArcGIS
By Stephanie A. O'Meara, James R. Chappell, and Ronald D. Karpilo Jr. (Colorado State University, Department of Geosciences, Cooperators to the National Park Service Geologic Resources Inventory)     [ Poster; Email ]
Geologic Context of Highway Maintenance Costs for Rockfalls and Landslides in Kentucky
By Bethany Overfield, Daniel Carey, and William Andrews (Kentucky Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
USGS National Map of Surficial Mineralogy: A New Interactive Web Resource for the Detection, Mapping, and Mineralogical Characterization of Hydrothermal Alteration and Mine Waste
By Barnaby W. Rockwell (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Poster (high res.) (283 MB); Poster (med. res.) (10 MB); Website; Email ]
USGS Earthquake Hazards ArcGIS Server Overview
By Greg Smoczyk (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Seismicity of the Earth 1900-2012: Philippine Sea Plate and Vicinity
By Greg Smoczyk and Gavin Hayes (U.S. Geological Survey), Michael Hamburger (Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University), Harley Benz (U.S. Geological Survey), Antonio Villasenor (Institute of Earth Sciences, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)), and Kevin P. Furlong (Department of Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University)     [ Email]
Building the "National Archive" of geologic maps -- a progress report on the National Geologic Map Database
By David R. Soller and Nancy R. Stamm (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Website; Email ]
Tools and Techniques Used to Process Geologic Map Imagery for the National Geologic Map Database
By Rob Wardwell, Dave Soller, and Chris Garrity (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Generalized Geologic Map of Bear Creek Valley, Jackson County, Oregon
By Thomas J. Wiley, Jason D. McClaughry (Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries) and Jad A. D'Allura (Southern Oregon University)     [ Poster; Website; Email ]
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