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May 20-23, 2012, Champaign, Illinois


[All Proceedings volumes, and selected presentations from other DMT meetings, are available at the DMT Website.]
[NOTE: oral and poster presentations and Discussion Sessions are listed generally in order of presentation. Many include downloadable presentation slides, posters, and related Web sites. Downloadable files exceeding 10 MB are noted.]

Building the "National Archive" of geologic maps -- a progress report on the National Geologic Map Database (NGMDB)
By National Geologic Map Database project (Dave Soller, U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Website; Email ]
Evolution of web mapping applications at Alaska's geological survey as of 2012
By Jennifer E. Athey, Christopher D. Ramey, and James R. Weakland (Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys), Will H. Fisher (Geographic Information Network of Alaska), Kenneth A. Woods, and Susan S. Seitz (Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys)     [ Slides; Email ]
Planning a (digital) geologic mapping data migration pilot project Embarking on a journey toward standardization
By Meredith C. Payne (Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geology and Earth Resources)    
[ Email ]
Progress report on NCGMP09
By Ralph A. Haugerud and David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey), Stephen M. Richard (Arizona Geological Survey), and Evan E. Thoms (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Online Geologic Maps: A Simple Application for Publishing NCGMP09 Databases
By Ryan Clark (Arizona Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
NCGMP through the Data Preservation Lens: Preparing for the future by digging into the past
By Janel Day (Arizona Geological Survey)     [ Slides; Email ]
The AAPGF-OSU Geoscience GIS Consortium and Funding Opportunities
By Christina Hall (AAPG Datapages) and April Chipman (Oklahoma State University) [ Email ]
Discussion Session -- Content and Data Structure for 3D geologic "maps"
This was a general-information session, which we hope will contribute to some convergence of thought on how data are managed. Topics discussed included: What types of content are common, in our 3D databases? Which are free text, which are standardized? How do we publish and archive 3D data? Moderated by Don Keefer (Illinois State Geological Survey), William M. Andrews Jr. (Kentucky Geological Survey), and Dave Soller (U.S. Geological Survey)
USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection
By Gregory Allord (U.S. Geological Survey) [ Email ]
National Enhanced Elevation Assessment and Program Proposal
By Larry Sugarbaker (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Slides (13.2 MB); Email ]
Illinois Height Modernization Program: Data Stewardship for High Resolution Elevation Data
By Sheena Beaverson (Illinois State Geological Survey), Amy J. Eller (Illinois Department of Transportation), and Donald E. Luman, Deette M. Lund, and Michael E. Blumhoff (Illinois State Geological Survey)     [ Slides (18.5 MB); See also: Illinois Height Modernization Program (ILHMP), Illinois Height Modernization Program: Showcase of LiDAR Data Applications, and National Height Modernization Program.; Email ]
Making the US Topo - A Process Discussion
By Bob Davis (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Discussion Session -- "US Topo and its applications to geologic map cartography and GIS"
This session included short presentations by:
  • Tracy Fuller (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
  • Don Luman (Illinois State Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
  • Jane Johnshoy Domier (Illinois State Geological Survey) "US Topo: Basemap for geologic mapping"     [ Slides (12 MB); See also: US Topo Website; Email ]
  • Kent Brown (Utah Geological Survey) "US Topo annotation and font replacement issues"    
    [ Slides; Email ]
  • Bob Davis (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Cartographic issues and concerns in 3-D geologic mapping
By Don Keefer, Jason Thomason, and Jennifer Carrell (Illinois State Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Managing Complex Schema Upgrades with FME and Arc
By Richard Nairn (Geological Survey of Canada)     [ Slides; See also: Geoscan (bibliographic database for all scientific publications of the Earth Sciences Sector of Natural Resources Canada); Geogratis (GIS data); Toporama (pre-rendered backdrop images available as geotiffs).; Email ]
3D Geologic mapping -- structural studies of geothermal systems in the Basin and Range
By Nicholas H. Hinz, Drew L. Siler, and James E. Faulds (Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology)     [ Slides (22.6 MB); Email ]
Ganfeld supporting tools for Field Data Management
By Pierre Brouillette, Étienne Girard, Gabriel Huot-Vézina, Stephen Williams, and Patty Zhao (Geological Survey of Canada)    
[ Slides; Email ]
Geolex tricky bits
By National Geologic Map Database project (Nancy Stamm, presenter, U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
What's New from Esri & ArcGIS 10.1 for Authoring, Publishing, and Sharing Maps for the DMT Community
By Larry Batten and Willy Lynch (Esri)     [ Slides; See also Clancy Energy ArcGIS Online presentation demo video (From the 2012 Esri PUG, specifically minutes 12 to 28). Video; Email ]
GeoWebFace - Online, Geological and Oil & Gas maps and data for Michigan
By John M. Esch, and Steven, E. Wilson (Michigan Department of Environmental Quality), and Ron Thomas, Scott Reynolds, and Gary Taylor (Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget)     [ Email ]
From data collection to rolling out products: considerations and workflows when developing 3-D geologic maps
By Don Keefer, Jason Thomason, and Steve Brown (Illinois State Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
The Geologic Time Scale -- Illinois' Geologic History
By Curt Abert (Illinois State Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
History and status of 2D and 3D geologic mapping at the Kentucky Geological Survey
By William M. Andrews Jr. (Kentucky Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Moving toward a new geologic map database standard, NCGMP: the good, the bad and the ugly
By Janel Day (Arizona Geological Survey)     [ Slides; Email ]
Accessing the National Geologic Map Database (NGMDB) Map Catalog via ArcGIS Image Server
By Christopher P. Garrity and David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey) [ Email ]
Migrating Abandoned Underground Mine Applications to ArcGIS Add-ins
By Robert H. Hanover and James McDonald (Ohio Geological Survey)     [ Poster; Email ]
Better geologic maps with lidar
By Ralph A. Haugerud, R.W. Tabor, and R.E. Wells (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Studies in the Mahomet Valley
By A.M.A. Ismail and A.J. Stumph (Illinois State Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
LiDAR Landscapes of Illinois
By Jane E. Johnshoy Domier and Donald E. Luman (Illinois State Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Presentation/Discussions in the ISGS Earth Systems Visualization Laboratory: Tricks, tools, and techniques for 3-D geologic mapping
By Don Keefer and Jason Thomason (Illinois State Geological Survey)     [ Poster; Email ]
Migrating Ohio's Geology GIS datasets to the new NCGMP09 Standard – Progress Report
By James McDonald and Joseph G. Wells (Ohio Geological Survey)     [ Poster; Email ]
Vector, Raster, and 3D: ‘Maps’ for the Middle Illinois River Valley
By E.D. McKay, III, Richard Berg, and Barbara Stiff (Illinois State Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Managing Complex Schema Upgrades with FME and Arc
By Richard Nairn (Geological Survey of Canada)     [ Email ]
Communicating a Digital Geologic Map in the Digital World
By Stephanie O'Meara, Jim Chappell, Ron Karpilo and Georgia Hybels (Colorado State University and National Park Service Geologic Resources Division)     [ Poster; Email ]
Tablet-based Groundtruthing: Windows (TM) in the field
By Larry Robinson, Andrew Strassman, and Tim Fox (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Terrestrial Lidar and Bathymetric Data Integration and Potential Application for the Upper Mississippi River
By Jason J. Rohweder, James T. Rogala, Joseph W. Jakusz, Jenny L. Hanson,Larry R. Robinson, and JC Nelson (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
Database for USGS Map I-1970 – Map Showing the Thickness and Character of Quaternary Sediments in the Glaciated United States East of the Rocky Mountains
By David R. Soller, Patricia H. Packard, and Christopher P. Garrity (U.S. Geological Survey)     [ Email ]
The National Geologic Map Database project
By David R. Soller and Nancy R. Stamm (U.S. Geological Survey) [ Email ]
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