This Web page contains information on activities of the National Geologic Map Database Project (NGMDB), and is intended solely for State geological survey and other personnel who have permission to submit records to the Database.

How To Modify Existing Records

At some time in the future, you may want to modify records that you've contributed to the NGMDB Map Catalog. For example:

  • if the product goes OUT OF PRINT,
  • if the product is now available in digital form, or
  • if the URL for the product has changed.

When a product goes out of print, please use the button provided at the bottom of the record's Product Description Page (PDP). When you click the corrections button, a form will pop up. Enter "Availability" in the Field text box and "Out of Print" in the Comments text box. Then, submit the form and we will update the record accordingly. An updated PDP for an out-of-print record is shown here. To help the user find the out-of-print product, the revised PDP will show a list of depository libraries. Our state-by-state listing of depository libraries may be out-of-date, and we would appreciate all additions and corrections to this list.
If a product is available in digital form on CD-ROM or online, registered contributors to the NGMDB may use an input form [depicted here | available here] to provide us with the information needed to modify the PDP. To see an example of a map product that has online data, click here. In this example, the Publication Format was changed from "Paper" to "Digital and Paper" and a link was provided to the online version ("View the publication"). To see an example of a map product supported by a Web site containing general information, map data, and metadata, click here.

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