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Geologic Unit: Plattin


Plattin Group (MO*,IL*)
Plattin Limestone (AR*,IL*,KS*,MO*)
Plattin Formation of Platteville Group (IL*, and MO*-local)
Plattin Limestone of Platteville Group (IL*)
Plattin Formation (MO)
Plattin Formation of Black River Group (IN)


GROUP STATUS (alphabetical) --all in MO: Beckett Limestone, Bloomsdale Limestone, Hager Limestone, Macy Limestone.

Geologic age:

Late Ordovician (Mohawkian; Turinian)*

Type section, locality, area and/or origin of name:

Named from exposures near mouth of Plattin Creek at Mississippi River, [near corner of secs. 4, 5, 8, and 9, T. 40 N., R. 6 E., Selma 7.5-min quadrangle], Jefferson Co., eastern MO (E.O. Ulrich, as cited by Buckley and Buehler, 1904).
Reference sections in MO (Thompson, 1991) [only first 3 are listed here. See T.L. Thompson (1991, Missouri Div. Geol. and Land Survey Rept. Inv., no. 70, pt. 2, 282 p.) for several others]:
(1) series of roadcuts on MO Highway 30 near Weber Hill, in NE/4 sec. 27, T. 43 N., R. 4 E., House Springs 7.5-min quadrangle, Jefferson Co.;
(2) composite of roadcuts on U.S. Interstate Highway I-55 beginning 0.5 mi north of bridge over Joachim Creek (milepost 190), in W/2 NW/4 sec. 19, T. 41 N., R. 6 E., Herculaneum 7.5-min quadrangle, Jefferson Co.;
(3) roadcut on side road to MO Highway 30, 1.5 mi north of Cedar Hill, in center S/2 NW/4 sec. 18, T. 42 N., R. 4 E., House Springs 7.5-min quadrangle, Jefferson Co.

AAPG geologic province:

Forest City basin*
Illinois basin*
Ozark uplift*
Upper Mississippi embayment*

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