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Geologic Unit: Chinle


Chinle Formation of Dockum Group (CO*,NM*,TX)
Chinle Formation (AZ*,NM,NV*,UT*)
Chinle Group (NM,TX)


GROUP STATUS (alphabetical): Bull Canyon Formation (NM), Dockum Formation (TX), Garita Creek Formation (NM), Redonda Formation (NM), Rock Point Formation (NM), San Pedro Arroyo Formation (NM), Santa Rosa Formation (NM), Shinarump Formation (NM), Trujillo Formation (NM).
FORMATION STATUS (alphabetical): Agua Zarca Sandstone Member (NM*), Bluewater Creek Member (AZ,CO,NM), Church Rock Member (AZ*,CO*,UT*), Correo Sandstone Member (NM), Cuervo Sandstone Member (NM), Duffin sandstone and shale [informal, unranked] (UT), Fire Clay Hill bentonitic shale [informal, unranked] (UT), Gartra Member (CO*,UT*), Hartley shale and sandstone [informal, unranked] (UT), Mesa Redondo Member (AZ*,NM*), Monitor Butte Member (AZ*,CO*,UT*), Moss Back Member (AZ*,CO*,UT*), Newspaper Rock Sandstone Bed (AZ), Owl Rock Member (AZ*,NM*,UT*), Petrified Forest Member (AZ*,CO*,NV*,NM*,UT*), Poleo Sandstone Lentil (NM), Redonda Member (NM*), Rock Point Member (AZ*,NM*), Salitral Shale Tongue (NM*), Shinarump Member (AZ*,NV*,NM*,UT*), Silver Reef Sandstone Member (UT), Stanaker Member (UT), Temple Mountain Member (UT*), Trail Hill Sandstone [Member] (UT).

Geologic age:

Late Triassic*

Type section, locality, area and/or origin of name:

Named from Chinle Valley, Apache Co., northeastern AZ (Gregory, 1917).

AAPG geologic province:

Black Mesa basin*
Great Basin province*
Green River basin*
Las Vegas-Raton basin*
Orogrande basin
Palo Duro basin*
Paradox basin*
Permian basin
Piceance basin*
Plateau sedimentary province*
San Juan basin*
Sierra Grande uplift*
Uinta basin*
Uinta uplift*
Wasatch uplift*

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