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Geologic Unit: Bluebird Mountain


Bluebird Mountain Formation (ID*)

Geologic age:

Late Mississippian to Early Pennsylvanian (late Chesterian to early Morrowan)*

Type section, locality, area and/or origin of name:

Type section (=type section of Bloom Member of Snaky Canyon Formation): about 3.5 mi (5.8 km) south of Bluebird Mountain on west flank of Gallagher Peak and on east side of saddle between Copper Mountain and Gallagher Peak, in secs. 29 and 30 (unsurveyed), T. 10 N., R. 31 E., [in vicinity of Lat. 44 deg. 10 min. 17 sec. N., Lat. 112 deg. 48 min. 19 sec. W.], Copper Mountain 7.5-min quadrangle, [Targhee National Forest], Clark Co., ID. Named from Bluebird Mountain, [Lat. 44 deg. 13 min. 25 sec. N., Long. 112 deg. 47 min. 51 sec. W.] (Skipp and others, 1979; Lat./Long. coords. from USGS GNIS database and ACME Mapper 2.0, accessed on Darwin's 200th birthday).
Reference sections (nos. 2 to 5 =reference sections of Arco Hills Formation) --all in ID: (1) east of town of Arco, Arco Hills, in N/2 NE/4 sec. 31, T. 4 N., R. 27 E., Butte Co. (=type section of Arco Hills Formation); (2) north of junction of Wood Canyon and Antelope Creek, southern White Knob Mountains, in NW/4 sec. 29 and N/2 sec. 30, T. 5 N., R. 25 E., Custer Co.; (3) southern Lemhi Range, in SE/4 sec. 6, T. 6 N., R. 30 E., Butte Co.; (4) ridge east of East Canyon, southern Lemhi Range, in SE/4 sec. 36 (unsurveyed), T. 7 N., R. 29 E., Butte Co., (5) north side of Skull Canyon, Blue Dome area, southern Beaverhead Mountains, in NW/4 NW/4 sec. 28 and NE/4 NE/4 sec. 29, T. 10 N., R. 30 E., Clark Co. (Skipp and others, 1979).

AAPG geologic province:

Snake River basin*
Idaho Mountains province*

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