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  • Usage in publication:
    • Gunsight Butte Member
  • Modifications:
    • Named
  • Dominant lithology:
    • Sandstone
  • AAPG geologic province:
    • Plateau sedimentary province

Thompson, A.E., and Stokes, W.L., 1970, Stratigraphy of the San Rafael Group, southwest and south central Utah: Utah Geological and Mineral Survey Bulletin, no. 87, 53 p.


Named as lower member of Entrada Sandstone of San Rafael Group for exposures on west side Gunsight Canyon, Kane Co, UT in the Plateau sedimentary province. Type section measured in secs. 15, 16, 21, 22 T43S, R5E where composed of green-gray to red brown, fine- to very fine-grained, cross-stratified, subround to subangular, weak to moderately cemented sandstone. Is 475 ft thick at type. Averages 350 ft thick. Divisible regionally into three facies: 1) red silty facies which forms cliffs, hoodoos, and badlands; 2) red cross-bedded sandy facies which is cross bedded throughout and erodes into biscuit forms; and 3) gray cross-bedded facies which forms buttresses and cliffs (where protected). Is traced from Pine Creek around Kaiparowits plateau to Paria amphitheater, Garfield and Kane Cos. Overlies Wiggler Wash Member (new) of Carmel Formation; underlies Cannonville Member (new) of Entrada Sandstone. Age not stated, [probably Middle Jurassic]. Measured sections. Cross section.

Source: GNU records (USGS DDS-6; Denver GNULEX).

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