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Geologic Unit: Clinton

Clinton Formation (MD,VA,MI*,OH*,PA*,WV*)
Clinton Group (MD,PA,WV,NY*)
Clinton Shale (KY*,TN,VA)
Clinton Sandstone of Albion Group (OH)

Silurian, Early(?)*
Silurian, Early
Silurian, middle*

Geologic Province:
Appalachian basin*

Areal Extent:

Type Locality:
Clinton, Oneida Co., central NY (Conrad, 1839).

GROUP STATUS (alphabetical): Bear Creek Shale (NY), Brewer Dock Limestone (NY), Dawes Dolomite/Formation/Sandstone (NY), DeCew Dolomite (NY*), Furnaceville Hematite (NY), Gates Dolomite (NY), Herkimer Sandstone (NY), Hickory Corners Limestone (NY), Irondequoit Dolomite/Limestone (NY*), Keefer Sandstone (MD,PA,WV), Kirkland Hematite/Limestone (NY), Kodak Sandstone (NY), Maplewood Shale (NY), Merritton Limestone (NY*), Neahga Shale (NY*), Oneida Conglomerate (NY*), Otsquago Sandstone (NY), Reynales Limestone (NY*), Rochester Shale (WV,MD*,NY*,PA*), Rockway Dolomite (NY*), Rose Hill Formation/Shale (MD,PA,WV), Sauquoit Formation/Shale (NY), Sodus Shale (NY*), Thorold Sandstone (NY), Wallington Limestone (NY), Westmoreland Hematite (NY), Williamson Shale (NY*), Willowvale Shale (NY), Wolcott Limestone (NY*), and Wolcott Furnace Hematite (NY)
FORMATION STATUS (alphabetical): Cacapon Sandstone Member (VA*,WV*), Cresaptown Sandstone Member (MD), Keefer Sandstone Member (VA,PA*), and Rochester Shale Member (MI*).

Unit Name History:
[Please note: The Clinton has been extensively studied. Only a few of the references from the GNC index card files are listed here. Until then, feel free to contact us, if you would like a complete list of references for this unit.]
First used (Conrad, 1839) [From GNC index card files; not synopsized].
Named (Vanuxem, 1842).
Revised (Grabau, 1908; Clarke, 1910; Ulrich, 1911; Hartnagle, 1912; Grabau, 1913; Taylor and Parks, 1913; Bassler, 1915) [From GNC index card files; not synopsized].
Revised; Extended to PA, MD (Ulrich, 1918) [From GNC index card files; not synopsized].
Revised (Swartz, 1923) [From GNC index card files; not synopsized].
Restricted from VA, TN (Miller, 1976) [From GNC index card files; not synopsized].
Age modified in PA (Lyttle and others, 1986).
Revised (Lin and Brett, 1988; Brett and others, 1990).
Overview, OH usage (Coogan, 1991).
Revised (Brett and others, 1991; Duke, 1991; LoDuca and Brett, 1994; Brett and others, 1995).

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