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Geologic Unit: White Mountain

White Mountain Plutonic-Volcanic Suite (NH*,VT*,ME*)
/White Mountain magma series [informal] (NH,VT,ME)
["White Mountain magma series" considered informal. The practice of employing "Series" for lithostratigraphic or lithodemic nomenclature is now regarded as improper. Term "Series" is applied formally only to chronostratigraphic units (ACSN, 1961, 1970; NACSN, 1983).]

Triassic, Middle*
Triassic, Late*
Jurassic, Early*
Jurassic, Middle*
Jurassic, Late*
Cretaceous, Early*
Geologic Province:
New England province*

Areal Extent:

Type Locality:
White Mountains, northern NH (Billings, 1934).

(alphabetical): Agamenticus Complex (ME), /Albany Porphyritic Quartz Syenite (NH) or /Albany Quartz Syenite (NH), Alfred Complex (ME), Black Cap Granite (NH), Chocorua Granite (NH), Conway Granite (NH*), Moat Volcanics (NH*), /Mount Garfield Quartz Syenite (NH), Mount Osceola Granite (NH*), Passaconaway Syenite (NH), Red Hill Complex (NH).

Unit Name History:
Named White Mountain magma series (M. Billings, 1934, Science, Jan. 19, v. 79, no. 2038, p. 55-56) [From US geologic names lexicon, USGS Bull. 1200; synopsis not included here].
Age modified; Isotopic dating (Lyons, 1964).
Age modified; Isotopic dating (Zartman, 1988) [From GNU records, USGS DDS-6; Reston GNULEX); complete bibliographic citation and synopsis not given].
Areal limits; Age modified; Isotopic dating (Thompson, 1990).
Used [informally] as White Mountain igneous province; Isotopic dating (Eby and others, 1992).
Overview; Age modified; Isotopic dating (Moench and others, 1995).
NH State Geol. Map usage; Detailed isotopic dating (Lyons and others, 1997).
[When referring to the White Mountain magma series of Billings (1934), please use informally. The practice of employing "Series" for lithostratigraphic or lithodemic nomenclature is now regarded as improper (see ACSN, 1961, 1970; NACSN, 1983). The term "Series" is applied formally only to chronostratigraphic units.]

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