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Geologic Unit: Copper Ridge

Copper Ridge Dolomite (WV*)
Copper Ridge Dolomite of Knox Group (AL*,GA*,KY*,TN*,VA*)
Copper Ridge Dolomite of Conasauga Group (TN)
Copper Ridge Dolomite of Lee Valley Group (TN,OH)
Copper Ridge Formation of Knox Group (VA)
Copper Ridge Group of Knox Supergroup (KY)
Copper Ridge Dolostone of Knox Group (MS)

Cambrian, Late*
Ordovician, Early(?)*

Geologic Province:
Appalachian basin*
Black Warrior basin

Areal Extent:

Type Locality:
Type section: gorge of Forked Deer Creek through Copper Ridge, 1 mi northwest of Thorn Hill, Grainger Co., northeast TN, and 13 mi northwest of Morristown. (Butts, 1940).
Type section: along road from Bean Station to Evans Ferry, on Clinch River, now U.S. Highway 25-E (Bridge, 1956) [now submerged].

Steam Corners Member (OH)

Unit Name History:
Named (Ulrich, 1911).
Overview (Butts, 1940).
Overview (Miller and Fuller, 1947).
Extended into OH subsurface; Revised to part of Lee Valley Group (Calvert, 1962).
Revised to Copper Ridge formation (Brent, 1963).
Extended into subsurface of WV (Cardwell and others, 1968).
Extended into KY subsurface (Froelich, 1973).
Revised to Copper Ridge Group (Cable and Beardsley, 1984).
Revised to part of Conasauga Group (Brent, 1985).
Overview (Raymond and others, 1988).
Steam Corners Member named; Areal limits (Coogan and Maki, 1988).
Areal limits (Osborne, 1990).
Overview in AL (Raymond, 1991).
Extended into subsurface of MS (Henderson, 1991).
Revised; Age modified (Ryder and others, 1996).

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